Dr Simon Smith

Dr Simon Smith

Orthopaedic Surgeon
MBBS (Lond) FRCS (Eng) FRCS (Ortho) FRACS (Ortho) FAOrthA

Simon is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon dedicated to understanding and treating hip and knee problems. His goal is to provide world-class treatment to patients in a rural setting allowing them to get back to an active independent life.

After growing up in Australia and then Cornwall Simon went to St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London graduating in 1992. After an extensive surgical grounding that included general, vascular, neuro, cardiothoracic and plastic surgery he commenced orthopaedic training in 1997, completing his training in 2003.

Following this Simon completed multiple fellowships in hip, knee and trauma surgery both in the UK and Australia before becoming a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in 2005. Since then he has completed over 3,000 hip and knee replacements with a focus on a dedicated personal service with accurate diagnosis, high quality surgery and attentive after care.

He moved from Cornwall to Bunbury with his Western Australian wife and young family in 2010. Simon is very proud of the Orthopaedic Service which he has helped establish during this time with 6 Orthopaedic Surgeons now providing a comprehensive range of elective and trauma surgery in the South West.

He loves living in Bunbury and when he is not working his time is shared between his family, the waves and mountain bike trails of the South West.

Specialist Interests

  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Meniscal Resection & Repair
  • Patellofemoral Stabilisation


Undergraduate Training

Simon gained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London in 1992.

Post graduate Training

Before entering specialist orthopaedic training he had a broad surgical training including attachments in:
  • General and Vascular Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
During his six months’ Plastic Surgery at St Thomas’s Hospital in London he learnt a great deal about wound closure and careful soft tissue handling and this has been of great value throughout his surgical career.

Specialist Training

His six year orthopaedic training programme was based in the south west of the UK and included a 2 year stint at the world renowned Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre in Exeter.

    Fellowship Training

    Simon's specialist fellowships included:
    • Sports Medicine Fellowship with Mr TD Bunker and Mr P Schranz, Exeter, UK
    • Exeter Hip Unit Registrar with Mr G Gie and Prof AJ Timperley Exeter, UK
    • BOA Wishbone Fellow with Prof C Lavy Blantyre, Malawi
    • Trauma Fellowship, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
    • Knee Fellowship with Mr J Webb and Mr J Eldridge, Bristol, UK


    • MBBS (London)                                                            1992
    • Fellow Royal College of Surgeons (Eng)                    1997
    • Fellow Royal College of Surgeons  (Tr & Orth)          2003
    • Fellow Royal Australasian College of Surgeons        2012
    • Fellow Australian Orthopaedic Association               2014

    Awards & Positions of Responsibility

    • British Orthopaedic Association, Wishbone Travelling Fellowship    
    • Royal College of Surgeons of England, Ethicon Travelling Fellowship 
    • Health Record User Group committee, Royal Cornwall Hospital
    • Morbidity Lead Clinician, Royal Cornwall Hospital
    • Regional representative for South West Specialist Registrars, Royal Cornwall Hospital 
    • Coordinator for South West Regional Training Programme, Royal Cornwall Hospital
    • Regional Member of Specialist Registrar Assessment Panel
    • Medical Advisory Committee Representative, Bunbury Regional Hospital
    • Medical Advisory Committee Representative, St John of God Hospital, Bunbury
    • Infection Control Committee St John of God Hospital, Bunbury
    • Intern Supervisor, Bunbury Regional Hospital
    • Registrar Supervisor, Bunbury Regional Hospital
    • Rural Representative, Australian Orthopaedic Association (WA)

    Professional Associations

    Fellow of Australian Orthopaedic Association
    Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
    Fellow of British Orthopaedic Association
    Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (London)
    Member of British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK)
    Member of Australian Medical Association

    Current Hospital Appointments

    St John of God Hospital, Bunbury
    Bunbury Regional Hospital
    Busselton Hospital

    Courses/Meetings Attended

    • BOA London-         Sep 1997
    • Wexham Park Cruciate Conference-      Nov 1998
    • British Sports Medicine Society, London-     Apr 1999
    • South West Orthopaedic Club, Plymouth-     May 1999
    • 4th EFORT Congress, Brussels-      Jun 1999
    • British Association of Plastic Surgeons, Belfast-    July 1999 
    • Wexham Cruciate Conference-      Nov 2000
    • Association surgeons of East Africa, Zimbabwe-    Jun 2001
    • South West Orthopaedic Club, Truro-      May 2002
    • BOA Cardiff- Sep 2002
    • BOA Manchester-        Sep 2004 
    • Wexham Cruciate Conference-      Nov 2004
    • BOA Glasgow-         Nov 2006
    • Wexham Cruciate Conference-      Nov 2006
    • South West Orthopaedic Club, Plymouth-     Apr 2008
    • South West Orthopaedic Club, Truro-      Oct 2008
    • ACLS Course-         Nov 1994
    • Basic Surgical Skills Course-       Jun 1996
    • ATLS Course-         Jun 1997
    • Basic AO Course, Davos, Switzerland-     Dec 1997
    • Basic Arthroscopy Course, RCS(Eng)-     Mar 1998    
    • Foundation Course in Fractures, RCS(Eng)-     Jun 1998
    • Exeter Hip Course-        Sep 1998
    • BOTA/Intavent External Fixator Course, Verona-    Jun 1999
    • Powerpoint/Excel/Access Skills, RCS (Eng)-     Mar 2000
    • Operative Hand Surgery Course, Nottingham-    Apr 2000
    • Soft Tissue Cover for Open Tibial Fractures, Nottingham-   Apr 2000
    • ATLS Course-         Nov 2000
    • Keele University Management Course for Surgeons- Nov 2000
    • Oxford Unicompartmental Arthroplasty Course-    Mar 2002
    • Harrow Total Knee Arthroplasty Course-     May 2002
    • Durham Basic Sciences Course-      Sep 2002
    • Birmingham Paediatric Course-      Sep 2002
    • Edinburgh Hand Course-       Apr 2003
    • Bristol FRCS (Orth) Course-       Mar 2003
    • Brainlab Computer Assisted TKR Workshop-     May 2004
    • Smith & Nephew Computer Assisted TKR Workshop-   May 2004
    • Zimmer Cadaveric Fracture Course-      June 2004
    • Navigation in Knee Arthroplasty, Hamburg-     Nov 2004
    • ASGBI Consultant Course-       Nov 2004
    • Edinburgh Trauma Conference-      Aug 2005
    • Bristol Unicompartmental Arthroplasty Conference-    May 2006
    • Brainlab Navigation Conference-      May 2006
    • Corin Arthroplasty Course, London-      Jun 2006
    • Zimmer Hip & Knee Arthroplasty Conference, Towcester-   Jun 2006
    • Biomet Revision Knee Arthroplasty Course, Prague-    Oct 2006
    • AO Paediatric Course , Nottingham-      Feb2007
    • Corail Course, Annecy, France-      Mar 2007
    • AO Advances Course- Apr 2008
    • PFC Corail Meeting, Sydney-       Nov 2010
    • Navigation Conference, Auckland -Jul 2011
    • Beverland Challenging TKR, Perth-      Oct 2012
    • Evolution of Knees, Stryker, Sydney-      Jul 2013
    • ACL Conference, S&N, Sydney-      Aug 2013
    • Hip & Knee Conference, Biomet, Sydney-     May 2014
    • Joint Infection, Prof Parvizi, Zimmer, Perth-     June 2014
    • Hip Conference, Stryker, Sydney-      Jul 2014
    • Open Minds Knee, Depuy, Sydney-      Aug 2014
    • Birmingham, PF Conference, UK-      Sept 2014
    • AOA COE, Perth-        Mar 2017
    • Biomet Knee Course, Sydney-       Apr2017 
    • Zimmer Arthroplasty, Gold Coast-      Jul 2017 
    • Kneevolution, Sydney-        Nov 2017 
    • Freddie Fu visitation, Perth- Feb 2018 
    • Zimmer Arthroplasty, Sydney-      May2018 
    • Zimmer Arthroplasty, Brisbane-      Feb 2020 

    Publications and Research

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    Presentations & Posters

    “The Distribution of Head and Neck Surgery at UMDS”
    UMDS Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Group, May 1997

    “Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Nose”
    St Thomas’ Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Clinical Meeting, July 1997
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